Saturday, September 22, 2012,

Konichiwa, Takki fangirls!!! 

It's been a long while, hasn't it? *sighhh*  So sorry to have let that happen.  I promise to continue in keeping this blog, since this place will become my permanent home now for this Takki-chan blog.  I turned this place exclusively specifically for Takki stuff and from time-to-time, stuff on the unit (T&T) as well.  I'd like to celebrate by posting some new info I found on Tono recently from FB (Facebook), Twitter, Sina, and various other places I searched from within the past several months.

Takki recently appeared on Nazotoki Battle TORE!...strictly a game/quiz show that aired on 2012.09.03.  He was so kakkoii wearing a blk short-sleeved shirt, khaki capri pants, and blk boots, along with sporting short, blk hair. *dies*  Tono looked so damn *hot* too!!! @.@

I want to give shoutout thanks to Issa Maru from FB for the links to watch online.  Also, thanks to heart283 on the 2wenty_2wo LJ for sharing her preview/synopsis screencap and D/L links on her LJ (you'll have to join her LJ in order to d/l them.  There are two various clips on her posting), and to Hideakigirl Takizawa on FB for her own personal screencaps to the clip itself.  Enjoy and thanks so much!

*Note: Pictures are for enjoyment, personal use-only.  They're not my own, and I do not claim these as my own.  No reposting anywhere; thank you!*
*credit Media Player Classic screencap: heart283 on the 2twenty_2wo LJ* (Livejournal)
*credit screencaps: Hideakigirl Takizawa on FB* (Facebook)

Nazotoki Battle TORE! 2012.09.03 - Takizawa Hideaki

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Monday, June 25, 2012,

Wanted to do a different posting this time around, since the past several months I've been mostly concentrating on JYJ and TVXQ lately on my FB wall.  So, wanted to share here on my personal blog what I've found related to them.

First of all, as a start, here's a link to the 2012 TONE Tour - TVXQ, to the song 'Duet'.

Here's a 2nd link to the 2012 TONE Tour - TVXQ, to the song 'Why - Keep Your Head Down'.
(Japanese version)

Here's Tohoshinki's newest toothpaste CM.  Gee, but...5 different colors tho?  C''m not that crazy to buy every single color out there just because 'they' advertise this brand. lol :P  Love their handsome looks though to this pic. *dies @.@  Omg, Changmin never looked so handsome (esp. w/that new hair) and Yunho too never looked so amazingly sexy and handsome! <3

Tohoshinki's 'making of' Medical Shine toothpaste CM on Youtube:

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012,

Hey all!  Just wanted to let you know, this blog is up and running again.  Can't wait for it to start now!  For the ones who're unable to go on Livejournal, I've started this blog just for you. <3  For the ones who're on LJ, I'll still be continuing to make entries on it...don't worry.  I've never left can I when I've my most favorite sisters on it? ;)  As for this blog, what I hope to achieve, is make some new friends along the way and make it a lasting one.  Plus, I miss having to be able to customize it to my liking just the way I like it.  You can make your own gif banners like the one I have up, as well as choosing your own template for it, etc.  You can tweak it to how you want it to look on bloodspot, unlike LJ where you're sort-of limited as to what you want to do on the templates and customized banners.  About the only fun part I have on LJ, is adding people's LJ usernames within your entry, using customized icons to identify 'you', and personalizing it more to your personality on it.  I don't know...each has it's own positives and negatives about each domain.  But, at the end of it all, at least I can start making entries again for both in relation to Takki and/or T&T now.  So, start jotting this blog address down because you'll start seeing a lot more postings again on this one. (besides my wall postings on FB) XDD

I've something to share with you all.  Last night, while I was falling asleep on my laptop, do you know I had the strangest dream with Takki in it?  It was SO weird! 
I can't remember what it was about...but, all I know is, I was doing some comments and making personal messages to people on Twitter, as well as looking at other people's Twitpic photo albums and whatnot with Takki pics in them, and for some reason, I started falling asleep and dreaming of him. hahahaha

And, it was a strange one because it had something to do with my parents in it as well. lol  I was like, yikes...that was strange. LOL  My parents?  What da heck were my parents doing in my dream with Takki? hahahaha  Weird. :P  Anyway, tell me what you think. :D

In the meantime, here's a snapshot of what my Macbook Pro laptop screen looks like right now.  I know...lots of icons at the moment taking up space on my screen. lol  But, if I keep making folder after folder with all my 'stuff' in them, I'll end up forgetting what I even have in each folder.  Majority of the text icons I have on my screen, are mostly links, either to download or to post on my FB wall for sharing.  Hope you like it anyway.  It's one of my many favorite photos of him.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008,

**Reiko's blog-chan moves to LJ**

Btw, just to let everyone know here...from now on, my blog-chan will be moved to LJ. It will no longer be on here no more. *sigh*

Sorry for the inconvenience. And, it'll be f-locked from now on so, if you're not on my personal 'friends list' on LJ, you won't be able to read any entries on it. I wanted to make this change due to f-locking entries from time to time since I wanted to make my blog a 'friends only' thing. Plus, you can also add so much things to it to make it more personal, such as mood-themes using small T&T icons, etc. etc. I think you can start posting .gif emoticons on there too if I'm not mistaken. (not sure) And, I wanted to make 'under the cut' for all mag scans too on it.

And now that I have my LJ up and running smoothly with a custom-banner too, wish me luck I'm gonna try posting some of my mag scans onto boys_paper when I have time. This should help me learn 'under the cut' with LJ. -_- lol I'm sure once I start, it should be smooth sailing after that.

Now, if you're not on my 'friends' list and you'd like to be, just feel free to let me know on my cbox here, personally email me, or even personally msg me on the T&T forum.

It's been great here on blogger...I've had such memories...and it's been hella-fun with you guys. Hope to have MORE fun on LJ with you all and hope to see you very soon. *big hugs* *chuu*

Come on over...'My Tackey, My Sadame' is open for lounging on LJ at:


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008,

**Takki's new cds to come soon (and possible dvd?? O.O)**

Okaaaay...I just heard this from the 'grapevine' (sees on the forum shoutout box) but, I'm guessing Tono is coming out (soon) with new cds from his butai, Ai Kakumei. Am I hearing this right?? o.o New cds?? SOLO???? Only of Takki???? @_@ *DIES*

HOMG, IF this is right, then my money is 'on the money' next month because my money (technically) couldn't have come at a better time. THANK YOU, MOM!!!!

Can I like, kyaa here for a bit? *gomenasai*


Okokok...*pffffft* sorry~ lolll :P Wellllll? I jus HAD to do this because I've been wanting SO badly for something like this to happen w/Takki. (a solo cd) And now, one of my wishes has finally come true. *melts thinking about it* I loved watching him dance/sing Ai Kakumei on MS wearing an all-white suit. And now to hear him make a solo cd...aawwwwwww~ *Omedetou, Takizawa-san!* (clap, clap)

There will be 3 of them as usual (*dies*) and I'm buyin' ALL 3 NO DOUBT. Plus, there's some type of dvd too? (dunno if a seperate dvd only) There will also be 2 cd+dvds out of the three. In any case, here's the official website to find out more info:

cdjapan link for pre-ordering and info:

Omg, I SO can't WAIT for this to come out already. I hope I won't be too late either in ordering my copies as I can't buy until after Friday. *argh!* I'm unable to because I have to get my hair colored/cut first before buying these cds.
*San Diegol Hornblower champagne brunch cruise*
This Sunday is my teacher-friend's bday as she turns 40 and has invited me and another friend of hers to accompany her on the Hornblower cruise for a champagne brunch. I can't wait as I've always wondered how this was. We'll have so much fun, being with 'girls-only'. *whooohoooo* (Kanpai! *raise champagne glasses*)
(san diego at night)
Here's a .pdf file to see in detail this brunch thing:

official site:

.pdf file


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Monday, November 24, 2008,


**MYOJO 0901 scans of T&T and NEWS...Kindai 0812 Takki scans w/Jrs concert...Reiko's 3rd anniv. into T&T!!** (added bonus material: 2 Tackey collage-wallies)

Hey everyone...sorry I won't be able to come online for the rest of the week. We'll be heading for rain and flooding the next several days 'til the weekend comes so, I won't be heading out and I'll be staying indoors. -_- And my daughter has a slight cold again but she's been going to school which is a good thing. No fevers or anything major of the sort; just constant coughing in the night and early morng hours.

Btw, sorry I hadn't posted up anything 'new' lately on here either in regards to mag scans. I was quite lazy for months in my scanning so, gomenasai. *bows So, for all the times I was supposed to...below are the new Myojo 0901 mag scans of T&T.

Takki looks 'fresh' here and I love it whenever he takes on-location photoshoots in a forest. *sigh* So relaxing to see him 'think some thoughts'. ^_^ The 2 & 3rd scans are so cuuute~ (esp. love the 2nd one best *thumbs up*)

Too bad Tsu looks good in the 2nd scan in the kitchen. lol He looks 'homely' where he's at. He sure is looking older every day ever since he's turned 27. So matured-looking now. (chotto ojiichan-sempai now ne? j/k) I still dun care for his 'Bohemian' look with the blondish part to the backside of his hair, but he does look handsome with a mustache and go-tee. -_- Takki better not get himself a go-tee and mustache soon. *eeww*

**MYOJO 0901 - Tackey & Tsubasa scans**

I've also posted some NEWS scans too because I am totally liking Tegoshi lately...hehe~ (after listening constantly to NEWS' new 'Color' album with YamaP's solo Engl. song 'Mola' @_@) I thought he was cute before but, I never thought anything of any JE grp at all...until NEWS came along with this new album of theirs, which swept me away completely by surprise. lol :P (arigatou, Mi-chan for introducing them to me! Sorry I ignored all your signs about them this whole time.)

**MYOJO 0901 - NEWS**
(only Tegoshi and Pi scans and 2 pgs of grp)
(cute huh? Love their varying facial I actually happen to think Koyama, Tegoshi, and Masuda is *hot*...but mainly Tegoshi. ^_~)

(*melts* O.O Tegoshiiiiii!!!! He has such a sexy way about him, I dunno why. And since he seems rather tall, he looks good in clothes, esp. with boots and a long jkt.)

(Here, Mi-chan...jus for you. YamaP here looks so cute. He looks like he's going on a trip somewhere. *wonders 'where' to lol)

(look how *sweet* he looks here w/that ^_~ wink of his...kawaii)

Also, just wanted to say that I've scanned in something from Kindai mag 0812 too since I didn't see these scans on the forum. It's Tono w/ABC-Z & Kiss-My-FT2 at their first concert. Sorry I only found a couple of scans with him. I think I had a diff. mag where I found several pics of Tono w/them at the concert but I didn't scan in this one. Hope you all like...
**KINDAI 0812 - Tackey w/ABC-Z & Kiss-My-FT2 First Con**
(Tono w/glasses...kawaiiiii~!!!! @_@)

(Tsu's WWP '08 con scans)

And, last but not least, this month is my 3rd anniversary in loving T&T as a unit and loving Takki. Same time back in '05 I had known all about Takki only because of watching the NHK taiga, Yoshitsune through my father. Gosh, how time flies ne. *sigh* Such memories in being a part of the fandom now. It's been only 3 yrs. for me, and already I'm considered 'old' or a 'veteran' of it. Not really when you think about it. I've known some who's been a fan of T&T for over 10 yrs. now. (you know who you are...Snuffles-chan, etc? ^_^
But anyways, I'd like to take this opportunity to say 'arigatou gozaimashita' SO MUCH for letting me get to know you all in the JE and T&T fandoms. (that includes you gals from facebook: Marisa, Trish, Emily N., Cecilia (MAH GIRL in JE) Omgosh, all my fangirlz in Hawaii too. (Jaelyn, Linda, and Marisa) Arigatouuu so much for the fangirls who've helped get me con goods. ^_^ I'd love to get to know you all better too. You seriously have no idea how thankful I am to have known and met you.
Last but NOT least, special thanks out to my closest fangirls whom I've gotten to know through the years. You're all like the sisters I've never 'LA FAMILIA'. (you know who you are) You've been there through thick n'thin with me, listened to my winings, fates, probs, even been there through my ups n'downs, whether it's with my 'real-life' family or fandom probs. lol I love all you guyz to death...and I'll NEVER leave your side no matter come what in the future.
I also can't leave out the 'newbies' too I've come to know well. (i.e. Yuki, natsu, etc.) Thank you for letting me in your lives and get to know you like a 'sis' to me. ^_^
When I think back how far I've come into this fandom, there were times when I really felt like quitting at one point. I wondered whether staying in it was all worth it. But then I thought of T&T and Takki. I also couldn't forget Takki...the one Man in my life whom I've grown to love and appreciate so well, and for what he's done in JE and with his acting career. I knew that T&T would never want fans to drop or forget them all because of some silly situation battling amongst ourselves with the pettiest of things. (though back then it didn't seem all petty either -_-) We just have to ask ourselves to 'hang in there' and though it may seem like an uphill climb being involved in the fandom, let's *gambatte* ne? We should do it for T&T!!!!

Anyway, enjoy my collage-wallies of Tono. ^_^ (used MS Paint) I loved making them as much as I loved *gawking* at every, single pic I chose. lol Tell me what you all think.
*plez credit me if using elsewhere and DO NOT take off tags from them*
*Reiko's collage-wallie 2*
(my favorite one out of the two)
*Reiko's collage-wallie 1*

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008,

**NEWs ‘Color’ album (08.11.19)**
(limited ed.)
(reg. ed.)

First of all, I'm finally gonna say that I've posted something else other than T&T. *hides* (and they're a diff. JE grp; and no it's not Tohoshinki becuz they're not a part of JE lol)
Ok. I’ve made up my mind already with buying the NEWs’ ‘Color’ album cd other than buying T&T cds too. Is there any other JE group I hadn’t heard yet? Because now I’ve become sort-of addicted to listening to YamaP’s solo song ‘Moda’ in English lately, even though it’s only a preview of it. *dies* O.o

A long time ago, I was addicted listening to Jin’s solo, ‘Love Juice’ in English, then Tohoshinki’s ‘Mirotic’…until YamaP’s preview to his solo song ‘Moda’. A fangirl friend of mine gave me a link to d/l the entire NEWs ‘Color’ album for preview and omg…I WAAANT this Moda song and album already!!!! @_@ lol

Holydang…YamaP sounds hella-good, and even sort-of ‘sexy’ in a way. (though I really wished Tono was singing this song instead *die* O.o) I melt just listening to the lyrics to this, much less hearing his voice for the first time. (yes, I’ve never heard what YamaP sounded

This is the third time I’m hearing another JE group other than T&T. I’ve already heard what Arashi and Akanishi Jin with his Engl. solo song, ‘Love Juice’ from KAT-TUN sounded like. Now, it’s News’ YamaP solo Engl. song, ‘Moda’.

But the beat to Jin’s ‘Love Juice’ reminds me somewhat like Justin Timberlake, except a Japanese version to him. lol Wished I could see how Jin dances to ‘Love Juice’. Pssst…can anyone d/l me Jin’s ‘Love Juice’ MV over to my end, onegaishimasu? Arigatou~ *bows* I’ve never seen this one before so, just was curious…that’s all.

Now thinking about it, I can only imagine how YamaP will dance and sing to ‘Moda’ when the MV comes out. *dies thinking about it* o.o

Reminds me of a dream I had long ago when I first became obsessed with Takki back in ’05. I remembered dreaming an extensive, long T&T dream that took about a week’s combined dreams I had almost daily. I was so obsessed with him that I dreamt the same consecutive one every night, just continuing the dream where I kept leaving off. It was so great that I wished it didn’t had to end.

I ended up dreaming one part where I was at Velfarre nightclub in Roppongi with my friend Maiko and we both met up with Takki there. We ran into Tsubasa inside, just the 4 of us alone by ourselves as Takki had reserved the place only for us. (I was on a romantic date earlier with him b4 the club scene part after seeing his Enbujo play. This was back in ’06 when we first met each other.) Maiko and I felt so special. Anyway, I remembered dancing sensually with him, both of us so into each other that he didn’t want to take his arms and hands off me. But then, Tsu had accompanied my friend Maiko back to the hotel as she was starting to get tired. I think both of them felt sort-of left out and didn’t want to bother us too so, they went back together. Now it was just me and Takki alone by ourselves. (that was the best part…lol) I gave my Apple Nano to him to connect to the DJ system so he could play some songs on it that he wanted to hear. He complimented me that I had really good choices in variety of music genres and wanted to copy some onto his iPod too

But aaaaannnnyway, this is all beside the point. (now I’m getting carried away again…*gomen* lol)

I can only imagine just how S-E-X-Y this Moda MV would be, seeing YamaP singing and swaying sexily his hips to the music. (too bad this isn’t Takki…*frowns* =_=) Does anyone also have the lyrics to this song? *onegaishimasu* Omgosh, every time I’m listening to the preview to this, I’m imagining how the words sound with him singing. (okok, so I’ve said this b4 already…lol :P)

All I know is, I wanna order the limited edition on cdjapan. I don’t care to get the regular edition as I figure I can always get it when it comes to the Sanseido bookstore. They always bring in JE groups so, there’ll be no problem finding it here. I also can’t wait to see the cd booklets. O.O

Oh well...only time will tell. ^_^ Here’s what I say to it: “…La Vida Moda!!!!...” lol :P (Wellll…what can I say; it just rhymed right. I didn’t say whether it matched or not. *pfffft*)


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